aquapetra parco d’arte

Aquapetra Parco d’Arte

Welcome to Aquapetra Parco d'Arte, a partnership between the Collezione Agovino and Aquapetra Resort & Spa, dedicated to bringing world class contemporary Arts and High Culture to Campania and the wider south of Italy.

Aquapetra Parco d'Arte's cultural initiatives are divided into two main areas, the 'Artists' Residency' and 'Events & Exhibitions'.  


Launched in the Autumn of 2018, the residency centres on the creation of a sculpture park, featuring works created in-situ by prominent resident artists, of different generations and nationalities. Free of thematic constraints, the artists have the opportunity to dialogue with each other, the 'landscape' and 'territory', in this case reflected by the diverse natural and architectural spaces of Aquapetra Resort & Spa.

In this first landmark year, the Parco d'Arte's resident artists reflect on the relationship between man and nature, poetically re-imagining the three-dimensionality and materiality of every day objects.

"Art creates an environmental space to the much the same degree as the environment creates art" Germano Celant   


Aquapetra Parco d'Arte presents, Ouverture, created in collaboration with the T293 Gallery. 

Collezione Agovino

Headquartered in Naples historical Palazzo Sessa, The Agovino Collection took its first steps circa 20 years ago, with the acquisition of a work by Mario Schifano. Currently comprising some 200 pieces including paintings, installations, film, sculpture and photography by artists such as Giorgio Andreotta Calò, Francesco Arena, Lutz Bacher, Luca Bertolo, Michael Dean, Runo Lagomarsino, Helen Marten, David Maljković, Seth Price, Marinella Senatore, Andres Serrano, Kiki Smith, Michael E. Smith, Martin Soto Climent and Sergio Vega, the Collection has from the very beginning, focused on the contemporary.

What began as a personal story woven by Fabio Agovino, leading him to the discovery of new interpretations of the world and self, gathers momentum and a new public aspect in 2011, with the first of a series of exhibitions that see the collection pass from the intimacy of its headquarters to common spaces such as the Church San Giuseppe delle Scalze a Pontecorvo for the “Frammenti di Paradiso (Fragments of Paradise)” exhibition and the offices of Banca Widiba for the “Made in Naples” exhibition.

In 2017, Fabio Agovino leads a series of talks entitled “Il piacere dell’arte e del collezionismo (The pleasure of art and collecting)”, to investigate the relationship between art and finance.

In 2018, the Agovino Collection begins its collaboration with Aquapetra Resort & Spa, with a programme of artists’ residency, exhibitions and events focused on contemporary art.   
Luca Bertolo
Ho Te, 2017
Neon, plexiglass, metal
162 x 14 x 37 cm

Courtesy of the Collezione Agovino
“Who knows how many thousands of times I have seen the sign HOTEL?...big, small, red, white.....In looking at it, it's communicative function was lost to me in just a few tenths of a second, its common name vanishing from my conscience.

Almost all metropolitan signage has the same effects: parking, restaurant, hotel etc. etc. And then one day, I looked up at a building and for some reason - to this day I remain unsure why - I imagined the sign minus the letter L. It was as if a bomb had exploded. From that day, every HOTEL sign I saw, resonated with existential intent.

And thus, I was compelled to arrange the letters on those lines. Sometimes, it is sufficient to subtract in order to add”.
Luca Bertolo