Welcome to the pages dedicated to the Artists' Residency at Aquapetra Parco d'Arte.

The artists' residency project centres on the creation of a sculpture park by prominent artists of different generations and nationalities. Free of thematic constraints, the artists will have the opportunity to dialogue with each other, as well as with the diverse natural and architectural spaces of Aquapetra Resort & Spa.

Each year, two artists will be selected, one foreign and one Italian, whose works form part of the Collezione Agovino.

To celebrate the inauguration of the Parco d'Arte, our first resident artists, Chiara Camoni (1974, Piacenza) and Martin Soto Climent (1977, Mexico City), have each installed one of their works within the grounds of Aquapetra Resort & Spa.

The guiding principle of the Parco d'Arte, is to establish a dialogue between landscape and contemporary art, both profound reservoirs of knowledge and experience, as well as providing aesthetic stimuli to visitors of the resort; the Parco d'Arte aspires to be a catalyst for enlightenment, building on the resort's transformative context, but further predisposing the physical and spiritual wellbeing of all who enter.

The residency is structured in two distinct phases: the first period sees the artists immerse themselves in the space, in order to explore its expressive and aesthetic potential; during the second period, the artists return to create and install original and site-specific pieces, reflecting and enhancing the delicate and refined identity of the resort's spaces. The new works by Chiara and Martin will be presented to the public in the Spring of 2019. 
Martin Soto Climent
Frame, 2012
Picture frames, pantyhose, rock, variable dimensions
Courtesy of the Collezione Agovino

A continuous exploration of the artist’s vitalising expression underpins Martin Soto Climent’s work. Installed in a space that is partially exposed, Frame is composed of empty picture frames and womens’ pantyhose that cling to walls, floor and ceiling, forming an ethereal spider’s web of interconnecting elements.

These everyday objects become portals to other dimensions and metaphors for the invisible energy that pervades all things. The spatial effects created by the dynamic interplay of the tensioned fabric and picture frames, de-couple the object from its constituent material parts.

Through Frame, Martin Soto Climent conveys an almost magical, emotional intensity that transforms the observer’s perception of the work.   
Chiara Camoni
Mosaico, 2012-2018
marble, rocks, variable dimensions
Courtesy of the Collezione Agovino

Chiara’s Mosaico is a collage of fragments, recovered from the discarded material of the marble manufacturing process, to which stones collected from Aquapetra’s park, have been added.

The work facilitates a reflection on the cycle of life and on the mutation of all things over time. Once quarried and removed from the mountains, marble is transformed by the hand of man and having fulfilled its purpose, the waste is cast into the river or buried in disused mines, returning once again to its original state: rock.

Chiara Camoni’s mineral sky is set over one of Aquapetra’s stone floors. The work symbolises the juxtaposition of the transitory nature of human actions and nature’s eternal cycle of birth and renewal.