Ristorante Locanda Del Borgo

Located just off the main square of Aquapetra, the Locanda del Borgo restaurant serves impeccable Michelin starred contemporary cuisine in a relaxed yet modern environment. Spread over four levels, it comprises three main dining rooms, a bar and conservatory as well a a private chef's table for groups of up to twenty guests.

'Mine is a reinterpretation of a simple cuisine, a synthesis of traditional and modern approaches, underpinned by our exhaustive research for immense raw materials'

Luciano Villani
Executive Chef, Locanda del Borgo
Our kitchen has been led by our Michelin starred Chef, Luciano Villani since 2009, rising star and winner of the 2018 Liverini prize, awarded by the prestigious Guida della Reppublica, to the chef whose cuisine best expresses and elevates local produce. 

The superb raw materials of the Sannio

From our prized Marchiggiana Sannita beef and Laticauda lamb, white truffles and much loved local cheeses, Mozzarella di Bufala Campania, Caciocavallo Silano, Pecorino di Laticauda Sannita to our delicious yellow Datterini tomatoes and superlative wines, the Sannio territory is renowned for the excellence of its produce, its many micro-climates, the extended spring and summer seasons, purity of its air and the exceptionally fertile, mineral rich terroir. 

In every dish, Luciano celebrates the finest seasonal DOP, IGT and organic produce that our gardens and the wider Sannio have to offer, each ingredient clearly distinguishable within each balanced combination.  

Dietary requirements

We pay minute attention to the quality of the ingredients we use at Aquapetra, believing strongly that a happy tummy is the foundation of person's wellbeing.
Please contact us at info@aquapetra.com if you have any specific dietary requirements. We are more than happy to tailor our menu or create new dishes especially for you


Our selection stems in the main, from our great love of the indiginous grapes and vintages that represent the history and traditions of our territory and country. 

All of our wines, regional or international, are tasted and enjoyed, before being chosen for our cellar, where they rest at their optimum ambient temperature and atmospheric conditions. 

Just a short distance from Aquapetra, we cultivate a variety of grapes and make our own wines (Greco di Tufo, Aglianico, Taurasi), just a few of the 400 different wines that we currently hold in our cellar, alongside Italy's most sought after vintages.  

Additional Services

  • Tasting menus paired with select wine
  • Private wine tastings
  • Guided tours to the vinyards of the Sannio and Campania
  • Wine consultancy, purchase, storage and / or forwarding service¬†¬†
Please contact our restaurant team at info@aquapetra.com if you would like to find out more


The "Cellar"

Beneath our restaurant, we are gradually restoring an underground complex comprising what was once a substantial lime kiln and vaulted rooms. There are rumoured to be 3km tunnels fanning out from the main cellar, carved from the limestone bedrock sometime in the distant past. So far, we have recovered 200 sqm of these underground spaces and is here that we store our precious vintages at a naturally perfect temperature.  

The Gardens

Our 1,500 olive trees provide our restaurant with delicious extra virgin oil and we take great pride in our heady liquors and scrumptious peach, plumb and apricot preserves, made in accordance with time honoured recipes and the passing of the seasons.

In 2018, we look forward to commencing work on a series of greenhouses ad open air kitchen gardens, a big step towards becoming fully self-sufficient in terms of fruit, vegetables and herbs. An olive oil Frantoio and wine press will follow.

The greenhouses will be open for guests to wander through the scented plots and if they wish, join our green fingered team for the daily pick and prune. 


Just a step away from our diniing areas, our bar is set over two levels and leads through to a conservatory for cigar lovers.

Expect delicious organic infusions as well as refined cocktails prepared by expert mixologists, artisinal beers and spirits as well as the pick of our cellar's vintages.