‘Aquapetra Elements’ are 4 new personalised therapeutic programmes based on the principles and techniques of two distinct disciplines that perceive human physiology as a holistic, integrated system: Traditional Chinese Medicine and Osteopathy. Developed by Dario Bufardeci PhD MA, the 4 Elements combine complementary treatments including experiences in Aquapetra’s waters and woodland, to redress imbalances in the body’s system, raise energy levels, re-centre mind, body and soul and awaken a sense of oneness with nature and the universe.


The 4 complimentary Aquapetra Elements programmes each comprise 3 therapeutic experiences in unique personalised combinations to maximise results.

Given the personalised nature and limited availability of these programmes, we recommend booking as far ahead of your stay as possible.
Please email spa@aquapetra.com or call 0044 824 941878.
Our staff will be happy to assist you with your booking.

Dario Bufardeci Specialised in Clinical Exercise Physiology, Dario has a PhD in Motor Sciences and a Masters Degree in Osteopathic Medicine. A member of the KSM (Kistructural method) scientific committee, that researches the treatment of muscoloskeletal disorders, Dario expertly combines his extensive scientific background with a deep interest in traditional Chinese medicine. He strongly believes in awakening a sense of oneness with the universe through the positive energy of focused movement. Dario is a passionate mixed martial artist, karate coach and is the founder of the ‘Cross Conditioning’ method, a patented training method that does not require the use of gym equipment.